Privacy Policy


Data Privacy: Your Right - Our Duty

You may rely on the protection and security of your personal data: The protection of your private sphere in processing your personal data is a major concern for FROGRESS GmbH, which we bear in mind in all our business processes. We should therefore like to give you some brief explanations on our basic rules concerning the treatment of personal data. Moreover, this information as well as in some cases further details on the collection, processing and use of personal data, you will find wherever and whenever we ask you to provide suchlike information.

Information Collected by us

You may access and use almost the whole range of the FROGRESS GmbH on-line contents without being required to provide us with your personal data. Only some few contents and services that you will find on our pages will require the indication of personal data for their use. 

Whenever you access the FROGRESS GmbH Web contents the FROGRESS GmbH Web servers will automatically record and evaluate some technical access data. This data, however, cannot be associated with any one individual person; the individual user will remain anonymous in the process. 
Technical Access Data 

This data includes for instance the IP address, information on the Web browser and the operating system used, the domain name of the Web site from which our Web pages are accessed, the average length of stay on our Web site, as well as the information pages accessed from our Web site. All of this information will be transmitted by your Web browser to our Web servers as you access the individual Web pages. Moreover we use additional cookies in some parts of our on-line contents. Cookies are small data elements which may be sent by a Web server to your computer. By way of such cookies your computer may be identified while you are visiting are on-line contents, or it may be made easier for you to use our Web pages. We do not use cookies to collect personal data. You have an option of setting your Web browser in a way as to be informed on the presence of cookies and to be able to accept or reject them. More details on this option you will find for instance in the help menu of your Web browser. We use this technical access information in order to constantly improve the attractiveness and user-friendliness of our Web pages as well as to identify any possible technical problems related to our on-line contents.

Personal Data

We collect, process and use personal data only on condition that you provide us with such information of your own accord. This may be the case for instance in the context of an enquiry or a survey, or if you expressly request to make a contact. This is likewise as a rule the case whenever you place an order. Moreover, we shall require you to provide some personal data if you want to make use of certain Web-specific services contained in the FROGRESS GmbH Web pages  as far as they are available. Such services may be for instance newsletters or forums. Should you decide to make use of any such offer you will find attached to each offer further details and information on the kind and extent of personal data required in order to use these services.

Protection of the Private Sphere of Children in the Web

Personal data of children are not deliberately collected or used in any form by FROGRESS GmbH. As a general rule we are not aware of the age of visitors to our Web site, nor have we, however, taken any measures in order to specifically protect such data. Since the protection of children who access on-line contents is a particular concern for FROGRESS GmbHFROGRESS GmbH would advise all parents, custodians or chaperons to familiarise children with a secure and responsible handling of personal data in the Internet. Children should not send any personal data to FROGRESS GmbH without their parents’ (custodians’ or chaperons’) specific consent.

The Way we Use your Personal Details

FROSYS GmbH will collect, process and use all personal data created in the process of your visits to our on-line contents only in compliance with the rules and regulations for the protection of personal data as applicable at any one time. We only use personal data for the purposes as stated in the present data privacy statement (for instance for processing enquiries or for using Internet services). Beyond those purposes, any personal data will be collected, processed or used by us only if this is necessary for the protection of FROGRESS GmbH’s legitimate business interests. FROGRESS GmbH will not make any personal data you provided us with available to any third parties without your specific consent.

Information as to, Amendment, and Deletion of your Data

Under existing law you have a right to send a written enquiry about whether and which of your personal data are stored with us at any time. We will then send you a corresponding reply. Please direct your enquiries to our corporate data protection officer. This person will also deal with any requests on your part for amendments and deletions of your data.

Security of your Data

Any data that you may provide to FROGRESS GmbH will be protected by the appropriate technical and organisational means in order to safeguard and protect your data against any accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction, access by unauthorised persons, or unauthorised disclosure to third parties. In the process, we will control and improve our security measures on a continuous basis, thus keeping abreast of technological developments and organisational options.