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FROGRESS – The Energy Experts

FROGRESS will pool capital funds raised from a variety of visionary financial backers and invest them as owner’s equity partner in projects with a promising future potential in the field of Green Energy.

Our funds will be placed in a purposeful and targeted manner in some promising projects and businesses which we will proactively accompany in their development process. Identification of opportunities of potential investments is made much easier by some close contacts with executive managers in our target sectors.

With its customised funding and its business expertise, FROGRESS as an “active investor” will assist the management in harnessing any idle potential existing within the company, and in enhancing values in a sustainable way. Thus, the contribution to added value will be made not only by way of providing capital funds, but also by way of networking and providing access to some professional, strategic, and operative consultants.

 What adds to this is our cooperation with some first-rate co-investors from the sector and/or the private equity domain. This is how we have built a broadly based expertise in all matters related to Green Energy as well as a network of strategic partners, both of which we keep steadily developing and deepening.